Zofi Lipton akk Mugly

Zofi Lipton is a Brooklyn based artist and designer originally from Warsaw, Poland

Zofi started making ceramics at the age of 8, while taking ceramics classes at Palace Kultury in Warsaw, after her parents realized that clay was her favorite toy. “For every gift, for Christmas and birthdays all I ever wanted was more clay.”- says Zofi. She is traditionally trained in wheel pottery but chooses to work solely hand building her pieces. As a teen Zofi started writing her illustrated journal and kept 

writing her character’s (her own) adventures for decades. She is a multimedia artist working with sculpture, installation, drawing etc. but always somehow comes back to ceramics, her original form of artistic expression. She combines her story telling with the ceramics. 

Her pieces are simple and whimsical.

Zofi has a degree in Surface and Textile Design from Fashion Institute of Technology and studied Ceramics at Hunter College where she earned her BA. She currently works in Ceramics, Prop Styling and Floral Design.