Symbols Becoming Abstract Statement

Symbols Becoming Abstract

A group show curated by Patrick Todd for Fireplace 409 May 18 to June 15 2021

I suggest that there are those among us, who see symbols, not as a way toward the real, but toward the unknown. These individuals have tapped into a mind stream, and are receiving signals from the universe that correspond to their outlook on life and a desire to create, or illuminate specific ideas that push us forward into new paradigms. They are intrepid explorers of consciousness; the innate ability within each one of us to bring into existence that which has never before existed. When we think of symbols, we tend to go toward communication and away from the actual thing in question. The process itself is an abstraction of the idea in question. The symbol lays itself out as a substitute for the idea, which tends to be rooted in the "real", to be reproduced and proliferated in an agreed understanding amongst those who wish to refer to it. The "source" code can be wildly different, from dreams, or pyschonautic explorations, to visionary social constructs, or meditative visionary practices. Bringing a thought into reality through specific symbolic is the closest thing we have to crossing over into the realm of thought itself. It is stepping into thinking. Ann Tracy's work inhabits the dream space. She finds meaning and solace through the symbolic. Daily events are worked out in the subconscious mind and coalesced into abstract forms that elude meaning while at the same time, they allude to it. Her work is intensely felt even if the content is mysterious. Michal Kunz is a collage artist whose work inhabits the spaces between isolated images and their known intellectual and emotional impact as a way toward uncovering hidden understandings. One could say he works in opposition to the title "Symbols Becoming Abstract" or, "Abstraction Becoming Symbols". The art happens when the two images reset one's internal silence as the opposing thoughts cancel each other out. Jim Klein continues to explore the outer reaches of the mind's capability to unlock the imagination. Whether through his daily walkabout in his neighborhood and personal interactions with the people in it, or his substance enhanced, consciousness altering experiences, Jim is enthralled with the possibilities of meaning. The confluence of events that shape meaning are exciting. They elicit a joyful response in him that can be seen in his work, as he acts as a gate keeper to the unknown. Patrick Todd uses the process of creating abstraction to bring himself into the theater of the absurd. Images become things, things become symbols, symbols become signposts, signposts point the way. A painting is more than what it looks like, it is itself a guide to another mindspace. A real life Alice in Wonderland moment.