Michiyo Shinohara (a.k.a. Shino) was born in Japan.She has been interested in nature's colors and shapes since she was a young child. She used to love mixing colors on a palette and creating her own colors..She majored in fashion design and handicraft at Bunka Fashion College, an art collage in Japan known for producing many prize winners in the Japanese fashion industry.Shino showed a deep interest in creating women's accessories. It was fascinating that the things which have the same shape would make different impressions by changing materials.

After graduation, she started as an accessory designer at one of the major wholesale companies.A few years later, She got a golden opportunity to become an instructor at her alma mater, Bunka Fashion College. She worked there for eight years.This opportunity allowed her to widen her experience in the fashion industry.It also gave her a chance to work with the younger generation. Shino also learned flower designing and how to incorporate fresh flowers into her idea's. This taught her to take care of the materials used in her works with respect and appreciation. This gave Shino a great feeling of Joy and Happiness.

Shino moved to the United States 3 years ago, and discoverd "Weaving" at NYC. She's never had such an awesome encounter before. She never had the idea of being able to make her own materials. Weaving became her lifework. The fascination of her works is the novelty of combinations, which are made with various materials and colors. Black and white or steel and water become all one in harmony, Her works attract many peaple. She wishes people to have the pleasure of creating as she does. Shino says, "When I'm doing the works it is the greatest moment in my lifetime, which always  makes me feel like supreme joy."