RAR.e Studio

Viktoriya Tkachenko (Ukraine) and Dagny Halldorsdottir (Iceland) graduated with a BA in fashion & Industry from OsloMet in 2019. RAR.e studio was established over a couple of margaritas at Viktoriyas house in early may of 2020. After transforming Viktoriyas garage into a studio for creative endevours they found themselves in accessory making.

With a passion for art and fashion and an obsession with all things strange, RAR.e studio strives to find its tribe through kindred aesthetic expression. 

extra info                                                                                                  RAR.e studio’s name stands for three things;

RAR (be strange) —-norwegian word for strange
RAR (be kind) —— danish/swedish word for kind
RARe (be unique) —- the english word for unique
pronounciation of RAR.e is RA - RE (not rare)
(With a hard rolling of the ‘R’ 😅