Patrick Todd

Patrick Todd is a painter working in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC since 1997. His interests  include the intersection between science and spirituality, philosophy as it relates to the hard question of consciousness, and physicality in all its vibrations.

In an effort to tap into the Silent Knowledge that we all possess, (source) I make things. I paint, I make music, and I sculpt. Going to the studio is a dream state of being. The effort to conjure up new realities with the available experience, information, and special conditions, is, to put it mildly, an ecstatic reality for a creator. It levitates the senses. It causes intensity and focus in my attention. It leaves me satisfied in a way that is not possible in any other activity. Painting begins at the surface. A painting is the sum total of all its characteristics. However, I believe that the surface of the painting is the most important aspect. You may not notice it, but it carries all the other bits of information on its back. You will always feel a surface before you understand anything else. This is the reason a painting is better in person. An image of a painting is a shadow of its original. One can’t really know how a painting is operating in space until you are standing in front of it. This is it’s power!

Sound Generates Movement. Movement Generates Compositions. Compositions Generate Color. Color Creates Vibrations. Vibrations Generate Sound. The Cycle Continues Endlessly. In Life, and in Dreams. In Painting, and in Sculpture. The rabbit hole goes deep. Within all is the possibility to elevate the mind, body, and spirit. Passion begets Discipline. Passion and

Desire create Joy when Discipline is applied!!