Nicole Adele Winkler

Nicole Adele Winkler is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on painting and collage. Nicole’s work explores the relationship between consumer culture and the celebration of female sexuality. Using her multidisciplinary background, Nicole creates works inspired by her personal experience with intimacy, romance, attraction, and desire. Her aesthetic involves hyper-saturated color along with sharpened organic shapes-- just as shapes are cut from magazines and recycled paper, highlights and shadows are flattened into defined sections of color and form. While showcasing how the erotic can exist in realms separate from the explicit subject manner, Nicole emphasizes the use of perspective in extending her artistic language more robustly. Operating under self-imposed procedures, her works evolve through the results of steps in intentional planning and methodical decision making. However, the unplanned arises upon frustration with the rigid guidelines she herself has put into place resulting in rebellion mid-work that often intensifies visual intrigue- unveiling the true path to each piece’s completion.

 Nicole’s current series is inspired by the multi-colored packages of La Croix, a canned seltzer with every box ultimately serving as a specific palette for each painting in the series. The colors are bright and inviting--a provocative break from otherwise mundane grocery store shelves. 

Nicole became fascinated with the idea of color matching and reproduction in the summer of 2017. A year after graduating she assisted a professor of Studio Arts at Drexel University in restoring a mural painted over 20 years ago. Applying the same methodology, every color used in Nicole’s paintings has gone through hours of meticulous consideration to match the physical colors on the box. The erotic subject matter of the paintings is a tool of attraction to display the arousing combinations of color that have been brought into existence through her technique and repurposed to share a story of intimate passion for creativity with the viewer.

 Nicole grew up in Short Hills, NJ, a small suburb about 30 minutes away from Manhattan.  She graduated from Bard College in 2016 earning her degree in Studio Arts and has since dedicated her life to art. She has worked as a painting instructor, artist assistant, artist residence manager for students in NYC, gallery assistant, and currently works as a design consultant for fine art framing. Nicole has also worked on multiple projects including mural restoration in Philadelphia, set design on the feature-length indie film “The Man in the Attic”, art director for the film “Draw With Me” which has been officially considered for the Oscars 93rd Academy Award in the short documentary category, and managed 6 Degrees Arts’--a new artist collective--first show at Art Fair 14C in March of 2019 in Jersey City. She also organized SHIM/Emerge’s first online exclusive art show- SHIM/Emerge: Summer 2020 Member Showcase, which was on view at from May 29th to August 27th.