Mercy X Mankind

Mercy X Mankind is a luxury line started by designer Isaac Saqib in 2014.

Isaac is a Pakistani-American who grew up in New York CIty. His collection is a reflection of the exceptional multi-culturalism NYC offers; a place to converse on the unity of Mankind through beliefs, struggle, love and empathy. 

Isaac embodies New York and MXM is built upon its principles: Exhilarating, diverse, expressive, humbling, evolving, challenging and unforgettable. 

With the help and attention of an intimate team of individuals that compliment him -- dynamic, inclusive, inventive, artistic and yearning for freedom. 

Saqib's MXM collections explore human emotions and assert the power of understanding others and ourselves through Mercy. 

All MXM garments and accessories are made in Brooklyn, with the exception of leather goods which Saqib insists be artisanally sourced in his mother country of Pakistan.