Meagan Maguire

Meagan Maguire is a Fine Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Manhattan. Her work is heavily influenced by the people and places she's loved. In the past few years, Meagan has lived in Spain, Italy, Maine, Connecticut and New York. As a little girl, she lived in Surrey England - to which she credits her desire to travel and live outside of her home country. Meagan began illustrating a series of maps over the past year to reflect on her memories of exploration and travel while she (and everyone else) was spending time at home. Along with these maps, Meagan has added landscapes and cityscapes to her repertoire. She jokes that her artwork is for the “globetrotting homebody” - someone who loves to explore but also craves a home life that can feel like an exciting little ‘escape’ as well. Follow along @meagan_maguire on Instagram