Matt Marcot

Matt Marcot is a multi-disciplinary artist based in West Village, NYC. Marcot went to Syracuse University, but eventually dropped out to live as a Gaudiya Vaishnava monk on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which he lived right up to the beginning of the pandemic, moving out in March 2020. Since March, Marcot began to work feverishly, inspired by the realizations and knowledge gained as a monk, for much of his abstract work began to emanate a kind of spiritual mediumship, as a way to relinquish dark energies and seek something beyond mind and body. He currently now, too, works as a mediation and wellness teacher. So far, Marcot has showcased his works at a local coffee shop, Think Coffee, Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, and welcomes many guests around the West Village and beyond to his village art studio, which has been coined locally “The Village Factory.” Marcot’s website is currently in restoration, but you can find more works, over 1000 drawings and 200 mixed media works, on Instagram @therealmarcot.