Madison Emond

Rather than making images of the landscape, I make images with the landscape. This is a simple notion: giving the Earth itself agency, an opportunity to display her vitality through the photographic process. 
These images are created with photosensitive materials, the natural world, and moonlight. No camera is involved in the creation of these works. Large pieces of black-and-white paper and full strips of film are immersed in the Saw Kill River, wrapping around surrounding plants and decaying trees, exposing in moonlight, and developed on site.
I hope you find these images to be as humbling, wild, alive, and beautiful as I have found them to be. And not because my hand is in them, but because the river is speaking to you.
Madison Emond (b. 1996, CT) is a photographer, sculptor, climate justice activist and Fulbright Scholar currently living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. She began making images when she was twelve; for over a decade, photography has been a method of describing her deeply felt connection to the natural world. Emond graduated from Bard College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography following the completion of her thesis, I Have Never Stepped in the Same River Twice. Her work primarily deals with interactions between people and land, using the photographic process as a method of gaining a greater understanding of the personhood of landscapes. She has been featured in various publications and exhibitions in the New York area, Providence, RI, Asheville, NC, as well as Nizhny Tagil, Russia.
instagram: madison.emond