Elixir Nail Care

Elixir is taking a new approach to nail care. A form of self care that allows us to have fun, boost creativity and empower women.

The nail care category can be difficult and we realize that our everyday lives especially in quarantine are not nail-friendly. So our goals? At Elixir, we are creating products designed specifically for your nail care routine and sharing intuitive ways to keep nails healthy. We believe whether you have bare or polished nails, everyone deserves a simple, but effective routine to grow strong natural nails or just have them look their best.

We’re building the future of nail care by making products that you'll love and sharing the stories of women across our community. We are creating a platform to amplify women’s voices and spark conversations.

So no matter where you’re at in your journey, Elixir is excited to be part of it!

-Kat, Founder