Duncan Figurski

My work exists as an observation into ritual, algorithm, and how these can deliver us to new worlds. Often highly process-driven, I have sought to turn art into practical tools for meditation. Spectators are asked to replicate a process of unreality, and through this cognitive dissonance are hurdled elsewhere. This practice has allowed me to combine my passion for painting, sculpture, and video to create immersive pieces while giving me the space to focus on each individually. This multidisciplinary approach encourages me to plug into collaboration with others.

The vulnerability achieved through play is something that I need for my practice. It helps me aim at honesty and has paved the way for community building, which is so central to my making. I founded the interdisciplinary art collective “hidden currencies” to do just that. We have been very successful in creating free installation events, producing films, and critiquing each other's work. My role in these group projects has often been a subtle facilitator, helping to probe the artists to explore the depths of what can be achieved through collaboration. The fact that I engage with a few different mediums makes this task easier and allows me to be flexible enough to offer support where it is needed. Most recently this collaboration has manifested itself through the release of our first print publication “hécatombe”. The central theme of our first issue was “helpful discomfort”, we worked in tandem with many different artists and scientists to try and approach this theme. 

My independent projects have been In pursuit of building a more refined meditational anchor.  I have been working on crafting rotating canvases strapped to conveyor belts as a means of creating bio-feedback machines, and meditation tapes that pair with a series of paintings. I believe art can be utilized much in the same way that religious iconography can - as spiritual technology, and my career as an artist is tied to this exploration.