Ann Tracy

Ann Tracy is a painter and Yoga Instructer who is deeply connected to the Buddhist community in NYC. Her adventures have taken her far afield to Italy and Switzerland while maintaining her NY status. Ann is a dream practitioner. Catch up with her in the dream state.

Artist Statement, 2020

At age 26 following graduate school, in 1990, I understood art as a long game. Through steady practice I began to witness the life cycles of my own art processes. My spoken “voice” as a visual artist broke through after a childhood spent in silence, processing my older sister’s schizophrenia. I had, at age 12, become familiar with gray scales within myself and others. I aligned with the mystic artists, taking rags out of my mothers rag bag and assembling them into life- sized dolls. Through physical making, experience is galvanized and visibly revealed. Feet, abstract “body” in space. Ground, metaphysical realms. Making painting, sculpture or installation, I can exist within my created scapes and invite others to join this experiential field. My understanding of spatial dynamics is acute, and yet, I am dyslexic. Art forms from polarities. Painting becomes a portal to explore realms. Colors become locators of self in an unknown world. A way for me to confront what would have otherwise stopped me - pushing through to construct new terrain and unspoken languages.

Over the years I have rarely sought an audience of the general public. Relying on conversations in my studio space with other thinkers, painters, poets, composers, writers and musicians, I have used the solitary space of my studio for making work and celebrating the collaborative possibilities that a body of work generates among other artists .

I now seek a larger audience, a broader conversation, and support to emerge. I wish for opportunities to work with environments that suggest a greater scope and challenge for what I choose to bring into the physical world.

Ann Tracy, November, 2020