Alison Kaba

Alison Kaba is a luxury fashion house that brings African culture to the forefront of the contemporary world. Inspired by both the savoir-faire of European couture and the underrated skills of African artisans, we offer African-inspired clothes to the western world by normalizing their presence in society.

Growing in Guinea, France, and the U.S, Alison has interwoven the art of her multiple backgrounds to inspire her brand. She continued to connect these cultures by researching similarities in construction techniques, art, stories, and tribal characteristics throughout her collections.

The Alison Kaba customer holds themselves effortlessly as they navigate their lives and careers. Proud to take on the world with confidence in their deep roots, they wear Alison Kaba as an ode to their background and assurance in their future.

In a world where fast fashion is in high demand, the art of design can often be deprioritized. At Alison Kaba, we are passionate about creativity and place emphasis on the art of fashion. Holding sustainability as a core value, the brand maintains a limited amount of inventory to reduce our carbon footprint. This approach also ensures the exclusivity of our products.

We offer customers the opportunity to take part in the design process and produce their ideal piece for any event or outing. Allowing our customers to express their creativity, and wear clothes crafted for them.